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“My introduction to the world of CrossFit was at SVC, and if it had been anywhere else, I doubt I would still be doing it today. SVC is more than just a box, it’s a community. This was my very first attempt at fitness and like most people I thought I had to be fit to do CrossFit….boy was I wrong. The coaches did a phenomenal job of developing me at a pace that I was comfortable with and that I could sustain. Now I’m both an athlete and a member of an incredible family. When the clock starts counting down, what may begin as competition is always eclipsed by camaraderie. Whether it’s a first place or dead last finish, my peers have pushed me (and each other) to dig deeper and fight harder. Every rep no longer feels like an individual effort because the community is  supporting you, and soon enough, the people you train with become the people you lean on.”

South Vegas CrossFit