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Tuesday 6-27-17

Monday 6-26-17

Taco Tuesday is Tomorrow!! Yes we will be doing a WOD before Yes the time is from 6pm – 8pm Yes it is $10 per person Yes you can bring someone as long as you’ve RSVP’d Yes you can still RSVP đŸ™‚ Yes kids are welcome Yes! Gymnastics Week 7 Day 1 WOD 5RFT 60 …
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Saturday 6-24-17

Power Hour  A. 1RM HPS B. E:20 10 min 1 HPS 75% C. Every 2 minutes, for 6 minutes (3 sets): Back Squat x 8 reps @ 70%

Friday 6-23-17

Gymnastics Week 6 Day 3 Met-Con 100 WB 100 WB S/U 100 WB OHWL 1000m WB Run

Thursday 6-22-17

**New Schedule Changes** We started our next 5 week Gymnastics Block this week! We will be offering Olympic Weightlifting every other Wednesday We will be offering Specialty Class every other Friday (every week will be one or the other) The 5:30am class will be held Tues-Wed-Thurs Teen class will be held every Tues and Thurs at …
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