Monday 6-19-17

**New Schedule Changes**
We are starting our next 5 week Gymnastics Block today!
We will be offering Olympic Weightlifting every other Wednesday
We will be offering Specialty Class every other Friday
(every week will be one or the other)
The 5:30am class will be held Tues-Wed-Thurs
Teen class will be held every Tues and Thurs at 9:30am starting this Thursday

** Taco Tuesday June 27th from 6-8pm**
Bring the family by for a fun partner workout for all fitness levels followed by
some amazing Street Tacos served right at the box!

Week 6
Day 1

DB Sq Cln

Saturday 6-17-17

Power Hour
1. 1 RM PC+J
2. 5×2 PC+J 75% drop between
3. 4×3 FS increase 5-10lbs from last week

Box Brief:
The Future of Nutrition has arrived…
ProCoach details will be released on Monday!

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