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Change Seeker Session

Let’s Meet. No commitments…no workout…just a conversation.  Let’s see if we’re a right fit for each other…Coach to Athlete.

This program is a two way street.  If you decide to join it is our responsibility to deliver on everything we promise and trust me…we will!   Your responsibility is simple…all you have to do is show up…we take care of everything else.

When we finish talking you’ll feel one of two things…excited to be a part of the program or you’ll know it isn’t for you.  If you ask any of our members they’ll tell you that when they first came in they never imagined they’d love the program as much as they do but they were excited to find out.  That it’s helped them completely change their lifestyle so that being healthy is a much bigger priority and most importantly…that it’s a lot of fun!

We don’t pressure anyone to join.  If you’re not excited about being a part of the program then it’s not what you’re looking for.  If that’s the case we’d be happy to make other recommendations for you that will better fit your needs.

See…it’s a win win 😉

Apply below for a Change Seeker Session with Coach Arvin.


South Vegas CrossFit ALL ABOUT?

1. Passion

Our passion is to create a safe, effective, training environment with a supportive community of like minded individuals.


2. Experience

We have been helping members of our Las Vegas community improve their lives through effective functional fitness since 2012. Our program prides itself on coaching proper technique on every movement we do.


3. Community

When you join us you are joining a supportive community of diverse members with many different needs all working hard to improve their lives through fitness.


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