Functional Fitness

  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday
  • 45 Minute Classes

Strength & Conditioning

  • Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday
  • 60 min Classes
  • Includes Functional Fitness Classes


  • Includes All Classes

1st Month

  • Includes 2 Personal Development Sessions
  • Includes 1 month Functional Fitness
  • Includes MIDY Methods 21 Day Free Trial

MIDY Methods


1-on-1 Development


Here at South Vegas CrossFit we set the path for you to achieve your goals right from the start. It’s up to you how aggressive you’d like to be. Our membership options are all month to month and can be upgraded at any time. If you’d like to start slow and work your way up. Great! We have a plan for that. If you’d like to hit it hard and achieve that goal as quickly as possible. Awesome! We have a plan for that too!