Fitness should be fun, and ever-evolving, and it should serve the life that you want. Our prescription for a great life is: 1) Keep your body fit — come see us at least 3 times a week, 2) Feed your body well with the food that nature intended, 3) Go out and play in nature once a week, and 4) Learn a new sport and have an adventure every year. When it comes to the fitness piece, one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why we offer a different type of program to meet your needs.  Having a supportive coach and community around you is what sets our gym apart from the rest, and that’s an experience you’ll have here so that you stay motivated to fulfill your great life. Training at SVC is one of the best ways to find your fitness outlet. You won’t believe the results you can achieve while having so much fun!


Path to Success

Our Path to Success program is a 1-on-1 informational and instructional course designed for anyone new to CrossFit or general fitness. It’s a 3 Phase process in which you’ll work with your very own Coach to set goals, talk nutrition, and work together as you maneuver through your program.  Our Path to Success program is specific to each individual so we will cover topics and movements as needed to ensure your success.  Your Coach will guide you through the basics of health and fitness introducing you to 40+ movements along the way in addition to developing some healthy eating habits. Most importantly we’ll meet to discuss mindset so we can address the obstacles standing in your way and we overcome those together to ensure you succeed with your program.


Functional Strength

The first step in fitness is learning how to move correctly. Functional Fitness classes focus on movement development and creating strength and stability in all positions. This will ensure that your body stays healthy while you train.  If you have a pre-existing ailment such as bad knees, shoulders, or back this class is perfect for rebuilding the strength in those areas so you can alleviate the pain. If you’re pain free this class will ensure you stay that way!



Step 2 in Fitness is developing strength and speed.  Now that you’ve learned how to move correctly it’s time to increase the challenge.  Intensity is where we build on what you’ve learned and increase the…well…intensity 🙂  This is the phase of your training where you’ll start to see and feel some incredible changes.


Soul Sundays

Once you’ve mastered movement, strength, and speed you’ll be invited to join us for Soul Sundays. This is when the strongest minded individuals in our program come to train to a level that it makes their souls sweat.  This is the most advanced environment in fitness.  If you can make it through this session you can make it through anything!


Personalized Sessions

Personal Training at SVC isn’t just some trainer taking you through your sets and walking you from one machine to another. Your dedicated Coach knows the ins-and-outs of your fitness journey and goals, and will be the one to design your individual program to ensure every goal is met safely and efficiently. They will make sure that you make incremental, yet significant gains (or losses), and that your personal program evolves with you as your needs change and as you look to your future.

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