Success Stories

If you join the family at South Vegas CrossFit, we take your membership seriously. And we firmly believe that we’re successful when you’re successful.

One of the things we love to do at South Vegas CrossFit is… celebrate!

Our members come to our gym for a number of reasons. They want to lose fat. They hope to gain muscle mass. They want to ready themselves for the summer season. They want to train for a specific sport. But, ultimately, they want to live longer, happier and healthier lives. In our experience we have found that no two members are alike.

Different goals, different strategies for reaching those goals, and different outcomes along the way. We meet you where you are, an celebrate as you get to where you’re going.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our member success stories below.


4 years ago on an impulse, I purchased a class pass to a CrossFit box that was close to my house. Little did I know at the time that this small investment would lead to a gym that I consistently love going to and participating in. South Vegas CrossFit has become my choice for fitness. SVC welcomes all levels of fitness and ages. I’m 53 and my workouts are tailored appropriately for me. That’s not to say I get off easy, that’s far from it, but the coaches really get to know you and work with you to achieve your fitness goals.
SVC offers a since of community like no other and that’s what keep me going back week after week!


My introduction to the world of CrossFit was at SVC, and if it had been anywhere else, I doubt I would still be doing it today. SVC is more than just a box, it’s a community. This was my very first attempt at fitness and like most people I thought I had to be fit to do CrossFit….boy was I wrong. The coaches did a phenomenal job of developing me at a pace that I was comfortable with and that I could sustain. Now I’m both an athlete and a member of an incredible family. In less than one year I dropped 10% body fat and was in the best shape of my life. I have never looked or felt better than I do today. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner but I’m so thankful I found SVC when I did…it literally changed my life.

Mel & Adam

Like meeting each other was meant to be so was being introduced to SVC. We were headed down the same path as most people our age…our fitness was deteriorating and our weight was heading in the wrong direction. We wanted change but didn’t know what to do. Then we walked through the doors of SVC. 3 years later…both of us are now in our 40’s and are in the best shape of our lives. We train on a regular basis and being a part of Drew’s HealthyFit program has educated us on how to properly feed ourselves and more importantly our children. Thankfully the coaches at SVC continue to pursue excellence in their fields of expertise and are always creating new ways to challenge us and make us better. They have changed our lives and our children’s live forever.


Growing up I was always involved in some sort of sport. As I got older those opportunities seemed to fade away but I always missed that competitive aspect in my life…that sense of challenging myself to be better. Working out always seemed exactly as it sounds…like work…I never really enjoyed it. Then I found South Vegas CrossFit. Now instead of working out…I train. I train to be the best possible version of myself. Every day I’m given a new challenge in which I get to compete with myself to be better and if I’m up to it I can take on the community and see where I rank as well. Regardless of how I do or where I rank the session always ends with fist bumps and a high sense of accomplishment.


Like many people out there I was stuck in the vicious cycle of fad diet and fitness. Lose the weight, gain the weight, and so on. Every plan was built on a quick fix and was unsustainable…failure inevitable. Then I tried South Vegas CrossFit and was finally introduced to nutrition and fitness plan that works. I’ve been a member of SVC for 4 years now which is by far the longest I’ve ever been able to commit to any type of fitness regimen. I’ve been in the HealthyFit program for 3 years and have learned and implemented nutrition habits that I’ll sustain forever. Food will never control my life again. At SVC I don’t feel like just another gym member, I feel like I’m part of a family. The coaches not only expect me to show up…they want me to. They hold me accountable and genuinely care about not only my fitness but me as a person. SVC is an amazing community where I’ve met wonderful people who inspire and challenge me every day.

Cresen & Eric

South Vegas CrossFit has become our second home. From the moment we stepped in the doors, the coaches and the members welcomed us with open arms, truly making it a CrossFit community. Knowing your athletes physical and mental capabilities are a must at any gym, but at SVC, our coaches take it one step further in connecting with each member on a personal level, truly making it a family.
Being physical education teachers at local high schools, has allowed us to take our physical fitness training and learning to a whole new level with CrossFit. Having both been the recipients of a local grant allowing us to establish non-profit CrossFit affiliates in our own schools has been career changing. We have been blessed to have received the best advisement, coaching, mentoring, and teaching along this journey as we excel in our careers as High School Physical Education teachers. The passion and love we share as athletes and coaches alike, truly drives the determination and motivation Arvin and the rest of the coaches have for us to be successful in. Without a doubt, we would not have been able to be the athletes and coaches we are today had it not been for the whole SVC family and their love and support.


I have always been involved in some form of a fitness program. I started with a gym membership, then kickboxing and personal training. However, I was never completely satisfied by the way my body looked and my fitness level. I started searching for the next best thing in fitness. Then I found South Vegas Crossfit in 2012. I have been an active member for the last 4 years. Coach Arvin has motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and push my limits to achieve great results. Not only in the gym but he has also taught me how important the role of nutrition plays to your overall workouts and health. All of the coaches at SVC coach with care and compassion and do everything they can to help you reach your goals. One of the best parts about SVC is the community, we have a strong sense of family. The camaraderie is amazing, we all keep each other striving to be the best by giving advice, motivation and
above all true friendship.


I would be the last person to voluntarily participate in any group activities so to try a CrossFit class was really out of the ordinary for me. My first few weeks were slightly overwhelming. The workouts were very intense, fast paced with almost no time to rest in between and the weights were heavy. I hated heavy weights and still do. I was skeptical if doing workouts at such a fast pace was even safe or effective. But, I am glad I decided to stick around, just show up to class and leave it to the coaches. The coaches at SVC are very knowledgeable. They go over the fundamentals of every movement and show you the right way to do them. The classes are capped at 14-15 people so everyone gets individual attention and based on your skill/fitness level you are assigned the proper weight and
appropriate movement. But, above all what separates SVC among any other establishments I have ever been to is the community. Starting with the coaches, they make you feel that you are not just another person in the class. They know you by name, know your strengths, goals, and weaknesses and they know how to push you to get the most out of you. At times when I felt I had no motivation to do this anymore getting that text or phone call from them kept me coming back for more. Everyone in the class are very friendly and encouraging. There are more cheers for people overcoming their weaknesses rather than celebrations for finishing first in the class. I am happy that I found SVC and I don’t see myself working out alone again. This is so much better.